A DIY Party

Welcome to Pixie Hollow!

For Halloween the family I nanny for and I transformed their frot entrance into Pixie Hollow, from the popular Disney Fairies franchise. While we did this for Halloween, this could easily be replicated for a birthday party as well. It could also be done with almost any theme. Whether that be Disney Princesses, Batman, Frozen, baseball or anything else you can come up with. It took some planning and effort in the weeks leading up to Halloween. It took a lot of work, time, and creativity in the 2 days prior, but overall it was pretty easy to do for not very much money. The key is DIY. Mainly everything we did, we did or made ourselves. It’s all about being as creative and resourceful as you can with what you have. Here’s a look at how we took their regular front entrance and made it a magical fairy forest!

IMG_1893  Before & After  IMG_1894

  1. Choose the theme. A couple months ago Ruby decided that she wanted to be Fawn, the animal fairy, from the Disney Fairy movies for Halloween. Ruby’s mom is super creative and loves getting into the theme along with Ruby, so she decided to be Tinkerbell, who I’m sure everyone recognizes from Peter Pan. I (along with the help of Ruby) decided to be Silvermist, the water fairy. Part of how the mom and I chose which fairies to be was based on hair color so that way we could save money from having to get a wig, but also look the part naturally. Disney’s fairies was our theme and we were going to do it right.11_DSN_44632_DsnyFairies
  2. Choose your main setting. For us that was Pixie Hollow because that’s where the fairies spend most of their time. Other settings for other themes could be the Batcave for Batman or Cinderella’s Castle for a princes party. For any nanny or parent out there that does not know what Pixie Hollow here’s a few details. Pixie Hollow is fictitious place in Neverland where Tinkerbell and her fairy friends live. They have little animal friends, tinker friends, and live in the nature surrounding them. We decided the easiest way to bring Pixie Hollow to life was to make their front entrance it. If you were doing this for a birthday party you could turn your living room into Pixie Hollow and go from there.
  3. Decide how to execute the scene. Ruby’s IMG_1885mom and I spent a morning going over ideas of what we thought would make Pixie Hollow real for us. It was hit or miss, some ideas we loved and some we realized were not feasible. To create the forest we knew we needed pumpkins, acorns,branches, and green grass.  We got the glitter pumpkins at Micheal’s on sale for 40% off. The green turf came from Menard’s and we cut it to fit the walkway and stairs. The real pumpkins could come from anywhere, even Target and just grab some branches from your yard. The sign above, that says “Pixie Hollow,” is just canvas paper attached to a large stick to IMG_1888hang from. Ruby and her mom spent an hour or so painting and hot glueing all the elements on to the sign. If your kiddo wants to help with something always let them. Being helpful is such a good skill to instill in them. Obviously don’t let them operate the hot glue gun, but let them paint a little on the canvas. It won’t hurt anybody 🙂
  4. Costumes. Since Ruby would get the most use out of her costume her mom went authentic and ordered it from Disney. It was amazing! Perfect in every detail and fit Ruby great. She did some research for her Tinkerbell costume anIMG_1874d fo
    nd one online that fit her budget and her idea of what she wanted. Researching and looking at plenty of reviews can help find the best costume for the right price. Ruby’s dad even got into the theme and they found a Captain Hook costume for him online. My costume was a little harder to find so we got creative. Ruby’s mom found a blue dress online for cheap, and then we were added our own embellishments. We got it and there was no way I thought this was going to work. However it ended up looking perfect! She cut it on me to make it look like a torn, worn fairy dress. We hot glued ribbon on it to add an element of sparkle as well- super easy and only took like 20 minutes. We ordered my wings online. They were huge but lacked anything special so we added to them. (More on that in the next section!)
  5. Little details. Since were from Minnesota Halloween is usually pretty chilly. IMG_1803
    Ruby’s mom found colorful, fun boots on amazon.com and ordered them for us. Ruby wore brown boots and leggings she already had. We hot glued sparkle puff balls on the tops of our boots to look like the fairy shoes from the movies. We used those same sparkly puff balls to embellish other things too. We added them to our wings to make them stand out more. I put them all over mine and it took them from plain and simple to standout wings. It is amazing what a few sparkle puff balls, jewels, and hot glue can do. Since it was Halloween we ordered pixie sticks so we could give that out to trick or treaters as our “fairy dust.” It was a hit! If you are doing this theme for a birthday party, send some pixie sticks home in the kids treat bags or have them for a little treat during the party. Easy to find online in bulk.
  6. Hair and makeup. We both did our own makeup and only had to buy a few things. Ruby’s mom found a Tinkerbell tutorial to follow online and replicated that. I just bought some silver eyeliner and shadow and made something up! Once again super IMG_1837easy to do and you don’t need to buy any expensive makeup, the cheap stuff works just as well. Ruby’s mom did her hair up in a bun like Tinkerbell, and since Silvermist wears her hair straight and down I didn’t need to do much.
    I added a few hair charms, with a flat iron (Charmsies), to give some fun silver sparkle to my hair. For Ruby’s hair, her mom found a brown braid for only $2 at our local Sally Hansen beauty store and secured that in her hair. Ruby loved it and it stayed in all night! She said it made her feel just like Fawn 🙂
  7. Putting it all together. When the day came to it was all hands on deck. The front step was cleared off of all the leaves and the green carpet was laid. Then we lined that with pumpkins, real and glitter ones 🙂 The sign was hung from the roof and christmas lights were hung around it to add some light as it got darker. Once again using something most people have (christmas lights) can add a lot to the effect of the theme. We all got into our costumes and did our makeup accordingly. Then when it was time for the party to begin and trick or treaters to come we all made our way outside to greet the little ones and welcome them to Pixie Hollow!

Overall it was a major success! Ruby had a great night playing fairies and giving out candy with all of us. We flew around the driveway, handed out our pixie dust, and laughed the night away. Like I said before this could be done for any theme, as long as you are creative and willing to do some DIY work. You don’t need to be super savvy with arts and crafts to make something look convincing. Googling ideas for your theme on Pinterest can provide lots of inspiration and how to’s. If you were using this theme for a birthday party you can take the idea even further. You could have an arts and crafts portion of the part where you make fairy wands and color pictures of different fairy’s. For food you could serve whatever little goodies your kiddo likes and call them “Tinkerbell Treats” or “Fairy Food.” You could have whatever adults that dressed up as fairies read a book about fairies as another activity. Again you can tailor these ideas to any theme with just a little tweaking! All in all you get out what you put in. If you put in a lot of effort, your going to get out lots of squeals and giggles and smiles from the kids who actually feel transported to their favorite imaginary place!

xoxo Kelly

More pictures from the great night!

IMG_1851Tinkerbell and Fawn

IMG_1834Silvermist and Fawn

IMG_1828Captain Hook, Think, Fawn, & a King

Other costume details and a helpful cutie!

IMG_1886  IMG_1890

IMG_1805   IMG_1808

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