A Little Nanny Appreciation

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I saw this post last week on The Nanny Box’s Instagram and I knew I had to share with all of you!

“When nannies feel appreciated, they work with tons of joy and confidence!”

A simple yet often overlooked statement to start the week off right. I have been extremely lucky to work with amazing families who have made me feel appreciated everyday when I show up to work. It makes me want to come to work everyday. I had one family and the appreciation wasn’t as evident. It didn’t make me do my job any worse, but it did mentally break me down a little. I had a tough nanny child at that time, and I was doing my best to try and teach him right from wrong. Sometimes all you need is a thank you. It doesn’t have to be in the form of a raise or a present (both are nice every so often though 🙂 ). It can be a simple “we are so lucky to have you,” or “I love the way you care for our child,” or just a “you’re awesome and we love having you as our nanny.” I have been told all of those things and I can tell you it does make a difference in how you do your job. This can come from the child as well. It effects you in a conscious and subconscious way. When you are positively reinforced by you boss or nanny kiddo you do feel more confident at what you are doing, and it does make you more joyful!

So, parents, remember to tell your nanny how much you appreciate all they are doing. It will go a long way and lead to a happy work environment. Also remind your children every so often how lucky they are to have a nanny as great as the one they do. Then your child may be more likely to thank the nanny. Like I said above it can be easy and simple. Simple is still meaningful. However if you really want to show some nanny love it can also be something like having a nanny appreciation day! Have you and your child write them a card about how much they mean to you, get them flowers or a candle, a framed picture of them and your child, and a special treat. Then have that on the table one morning when your nanny shows up for work. Once again, I can tell you from personal experience how wonderful it is to know you value them.

And nannies remember to be be confident and joyful in all that you do with your nanny children. Even if you are not told every day, deep down I think you do know how appreciated you are, and will always be, by the child you are with. Also know I appreciate you and everything you do! So go off to work this week and kill it with some extra confidence and joy 🙂

xoxo Kelly

© The Nanny Guide 2015

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