A little Tuesday happy thought


Happy Tuesday everybody! I just wanted to share a little positivity with you all this week from one of my favorite sayings. I know working in childcare is difficult at times and so is being a parent. BUT just remember everything you are doing to help shape your little one to be the best that they can! As everyone always says your not working in childcare for the money. So on days when it’s hard and you feel like you want to quit, just breathe. Oh and I know those days haha like when you tell Aly 47 times to stop whining and she won’t listen, or when Blake and Bri are fighting nonstop in you 20 minute car ride home from the grocery store. They suck and they are so hard on you. The one thing I’ve found helpful is to try and remember why you got into this field to start with. Remember you heart and dedication. Then for the rest of the day try and just relish in those small, happy, loving moments, because tomorrow is another day. Every nanny, day care teacher, school teacher, mom, and dad deserve a million dollars for what you do for your little one! And I know everyone of you has a big loving heart. I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday and week 🙂




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